Crippd | Read Less, Know More

Our Mission is to Add a Sentiment Layer Over The Internet for People to Express Their True Emotions; Starting with News.

Read What is Relevant

Never miss any relevant story and do not get lost in the vast content. Crippd provides you a concise summary of the most popular stories of each hour from various sources. It saves you plenty of time and effort without missing anything important.

View the overall mood of the Story

For the first time in history we bring you news rated by mood. Crippd tags every story with it’s overall mood using it’s patent pending technology so that people can pick and read only those stories which match their current mood.

Express with True Emotions

With it’s patent pending technology, Crippd tags every story with a range of the most relevant human sentiments for people to express exactly how they feel. Crippd provides you the most personal experience of news reading.